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Competition intel

Your dedicated SEO data team sifts through the inter webs to find a comprehensive list of 30+ competitors. Your competition is then benchmarked on everything: Domain authority, keywords driving non-branded organic traffic, link-building velocity, content velocity, etc.


A content strategy without backlinks is risky. Especially for sites that haven’t established authority in Google’s eyes. A strong linkbait strategy can yield over 200+ backlinks in less than 2 months. This builds the authority you need to get your website ranking for those juicy high-traffic keywords.

Technical SEO

Your SEO strategy team pores over all of your website’s pages and quickly squish out technical SEO errors that might drag down your site’s ranking potential. They ensure that your website is compliant with all of Google’s guidelines, core web vitals, and all.

Keyword Reseacrh

Exhaustive keyword research and strategic keyword selection can be the difference between a 3x increase in organic traffic and 7 months of no progress. To ensure your strategy is airtight your team works their way through massive data sets of keywords to identify the best opportunities to win. Our methods range from scraping Quora and Reddit to quickly identify topics gaining traction to digging through competitions’ wins.

Backlinks at scale

Every backlink you get is vetted for 11 parameters. This includes criteria like domain age, relevance, location-specific traffic, etc. You get complete transparency throughout the process.

Intent analysis

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